Quirt/Tipsy Offspring

Here are many of the puppies we have raised from Quirt and Tipsy. We love hearing back from their new families with update and pictures! Many of those are shared on here as well as puppy pictures.

MHT Montrose Mud -- Tri Color Female

Check out this video of her at her new home with Reggie and Mark!! She is doing great and is in training to compete in agility. Reggie and Mark have reported that she is smart, tough, loving and adorable! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

border collie
“She is a joy to work with! Smart, driven, biddable and very adorable! She is an incredible pup and we feel fortunate to have her join our family.
Thank you Andrew and Sarah for this wonderful little girl!”
— Reggie
I can not tell you how much we love this girl! She is a joy and is promising to become an amazing agility dog. She is a talented jumper, a focused and intense worker and learns new skills so quickly! She loves all people and is a great hiking partner.
— Reggie & Mark
Mud had some nice agility runs this past weekend!
She just gets better and better! We love her and are so thankful she came to live with us!
— Reggie & Mark

"Cuatro" went to Ben in Texas. Before he left we had the privileged of training him on goats and starting him on cattle. He was fun to work with and easy to train! He was so natural and picked up on herding the goats so quickly!


Cuatro shown below working on basic obedience at age 3 1/2 months

Cuatro shown below learning to herd goats.

Lacy -- black & white female

Congratulations, Lerrina!

“She’s settling into her new home with ease - and already showing herself to be smart as a whip. We’re all in love!!!”
— Lerrina in ID
Border Collie herding sheep
I am so proud of this young lady!... When a mama [cow] turned on her, she went right back after it... She was doing her directions really really well... She is amazing!
— Lerrina

Lerrina has been attending stock dog clinics with her dog Lacy (a 1 3/4 year old Quirt/Tipsy pup). She says "This video is Lacy's third 'lesson' with Patrick Shannahan. We learned so much. Her 4th and final time out was markedly better. And, best of all, we came home and did a fetch of the wethers and rams in our 5 acre pasture with amazing success!" Of her next clinic she says, "I could not be more proud or pleased with my pup. Not only did she perform beautifully, the teacher kept commenting on what a nice dog she was. He said he hadn't seen a dog with such good natural balance in years. Thank you Masters Hand Training for breeding such wonderful dogs!"

Below is a video of Lerrina and her dog Lacy working on the challenging maneuver 'shedding'. She also herds cattle.

“She is doing great and we are really enjoying her.”
— Callie of NE

"Oban Rider" -- Tri Color Male

Congratulations, Mike!

He is a terrific dog and very handsome.
— Mike

In fact, Mike is so pleased with Oban that he came back for another one! Below is 'Cooley'.


"Sadie" -- Black & White Female

Congratulations, Morris and Kittye!

Sadie is a beautiful dog and her owns couldn't be happier with her. She helps herd cattle on their ranch in NM. They, too, were so pleased with Sadie that they have since bought a second dog from us. This time one of Brandi's puppies.


 Below is a video of an 11 month pup we raised and started. This was her first time working cattle without the help of another dog. She was sold to a cattle ranch that is now benefiting from her skill.

"Sky" -- Black & White female

Congratulations, Kelli!

American Border Collie puppy
American Border Collie puppy
Sky is doing great!! She is an awesome pup! And very keen and smart!
— Kelli

"Xray" -- female

Congratulations, Vince and Debby!

Xray will be working thousands of cattle and sheep on their ranch in New Mexico.

American Border Collie puppy
She’s awesome! She knows 5 toys by name [at 5 months old]
— Debbie

Jax-- tri color male

Congratulations, Lonnie!

He is a great dog! After seeing how the parents acted we had hopes Jax would be well tempered, and he is. He is very bright.
— Lonnie

"Bonanza" -- Tri color male

Congratulations, Dave & Dawn!

This is a coming two year old ABCA Border Collie by Quirt and Tipsy. As you can see, he is a handy cattle dog, and keeps getting better!

Venus-- black & white female

Congratulations, Michaela!

“Venus is definitely tenacious. She is bold and knows no fear. She loves people and doesn’t meet a stranger. You will always get a wonderful reference from me and Venus. Thank you for all you have done and for trusting me with this baby girl. She is perfect in every way.”
— Michaela in TX
Border Collie disc
She’s incredibly bright. She’s been a dream as far as training and learning goes.
— Michaela

"Suzy" -- Black & White Female

Congratulations, Gene!!

"Tweed" -- Tri Color Female

Congratulations, Susie!

“She is bold and confident, and very well socialized from the day she came to me. She’ll be a fabulous little athlete, whether herding, agility or flyball... Andrew and Sarah have really produced a nice litter, and started them out right for prospective owners... I feel lucky to have found my girl.”
— Susie in CO