ABCA Border Collies

We raise registered Border Collies bred to work cattle.  All our breeding dogs are good working dogs and have proven to produced good working pups.   "Puppies for Sale"

ABCA Quirt

QUIRT is our stud dog we use on a regular basis here on the ranch to help move cattle. He is assertive and has lots of natural instinct in figuring out how to get the cattle where you want them. He doesn't back down, but will also be gentle when the situation requires. He loves to work, but is also a pleasure to have around even when there isn't a job to do. He is good with other animals including other dogs, cats, & chickens, and does great with our little girl. They don't come much better! And he is proving to pass these traits on to his puppies. (Make sure and take a minute to watch the above video showcasing Quirt.) Quirt has had his eyes tested as well as all other recommended DNA tests and is Clear/Normal on all of them. To view a larger image of his paper, click on the below image.

Border Collie Puppies: IMP LAD (Debi Fesler)  PAINT (Jo Woodbury)  DOT (Randy & Janet Lester)  ROY (Felicia K. Whalen)  MOLLY (Jo Woodbury)  TESS (Kennard Bisett)  BOB (R.W. Glasgow)  L-V BOB (Russ & Diane Baquet)  JETTA (Bryan Baquet)  BWLCH HEMP (Mrs. C.S. Rundle)  MEG (Mark Ramsden)  NAN (Terry Mendicino)  MCCALLUMS DEETS (Steve Miller)  MCCALLUMS FRECK (Wayne & Sherril Swaim)  MCCALLUMS SPLASH (Eddie Blazek)  MCCALLUMSBRUTE (Richard Wallrath)  MC JUNE (Wayne & Sherril Swaim)  MCCALLUMS BELLE (Tony McCallum)  MCCALLUM PONCHO (Woody & Judy Jackson)  MCCALLUMS LEVI (Woody & Judy Jackson)  MCCALLUMSMISSB (Bob Crouch)  MCCALLUMS M. RIP (Larry Griggs)  HOLLY (Woody & Judy Jackson)  SNOWHILL SADIE (Larry Griggs)  L-V SPOT (Bryan Baquet)  DIAMONDDOTLUCY (Greg Harris & Bryan Baquet)  MATT (Kimberly Dejanovich & Jo Woodbury)  L-V NIKKI (Clyde R. Baquet & Bryan Baquet)  MC STONEY (Gregory R. Harris & Wayne & Sherril Swaim)  MC-DANDY (Gregory R. Harris & Woody & Judy Jackson)

Check out our females: Tipsy and Brandi

Why Border Collies?

This is a question we have often been asked. In fact, it has been a question we have asked ourselves. There are lots of different breeds designed to work cattle and lots of the cattle ranchers around us have chosen one of these other breeds. But we keep coming back to Border Collies for several reasons. Here are a few of them.

Train-ability: Border Collies are SMART! They are so smart sometimes it is startling! Coupled with their intelligence, is their deep desire to PLEASE. They also have incredible natural herding ability. Having these three elements combined make training them to herd relatively easy.

Drive: Border Collies LOVE to herd! There is nothing they would rather do, which makes utilizing their assistance enjoyable. And truly, a good dog with good training does save us SO much time and effort!

Grit: "Grit?" you ask. Yes! And if you don't believe me you haven't seen a good cattle-bred Border Collie at work. They are a force to be reckoned with that can turn even the wildest cow around. While many Border Collies are bred to work sheep and are gentle and maybe even timid, don't think they are all that way! Just be selective in choosing the right style for your needs.

Agility: Border Collies are extremely fast enabling them to get around the herd of cattle and turn them the direction you need in a matter of seconds! Their lightning speed and quick turns make them excellent help with moving cattle.

Friendly: Border Collies love people! They often are loyal to their master and want to be with him wherever he goes. Many of them like to play games and meet new people, especially people who will love on them and play with them! Some are very good with small children becoming a kid's first best friend.

Border Collies are good at reading the situation and knowing what to do as well as listening for their master's command. They are a loyal partner. These are a few of the reasons I will always pick a Border Collie!