When you buy beef from us, you are getting a superior product to what is available in stores, at a discount price. We know where our beef has lived, how it has been treated, and what it has been fed. Our beef has been aged for 14 days before processing which brings out flavor and develops tenderness in a way that cannot be duplicated by the quick processing methods of the beef you buy at the store. Our beef was processed, aged, and inspected at a USDA inspected facility to ensure the best beef possible. Skip the middleman and buy direct from us, the local rancher, for some of the best beef you will ever taste! The cost of processing is already figured into your purchase price, so it is a simple and straightforward way of purchasing your meat.


Buy a 1/4 a beef  for $730 (approx. 130 lbs of meat)

Buy a 1/2 a beef for $1400 (approx. 260 lbs of meat) , or buy individual cuts priced as follows:


Ground Beef = $6.29 lb

Stew = $5.99 lb



Rib Steak = $16 lb

T-bone Steaks = $13.99 lb

Sirloin Steak = $10.99 lb

Round Steak = $6.99 lb

Skirt Steak = $9.62 lb

Tenderloin Steak = $26.22 lb



Brisket = $5.39 lb

Chuck Roast $6.49 lb

Arm Roast = $4.90 lb

Sirloin Tip = $5.66 lb

Rump Roast = $5.39 lb


Special Pieces

Liver = $2.83 lb

Tongue = $4.00 lb

Heart = $2.83 lb